Lenin’s Failed Revolution

Many contemporary historians argue that history will always favor the October Revolution, of 1917, as a socialist victory. To deny this overstatement is not historical revisionism. Rather, it is a broader understanding of Marxian principles of and the application of Communist theoretical dialectics. Lenin’s Revolution was an obvious deviation from the standard Marxian “laws of development”, and even the idea of “the dictatorship of the … Continue reading Lenin’s Failed Revolution

Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai (Marxist Feminism)

Alexandra Kollontai was one of the most important first-wave Russian Feminists. Her work and activities helped establish a more concrete idea of Marxist Feminism and the connection’s of commercial market systems as well as those of patriarchy and family. Yet, before we talk about that, let’s look at her life. Kollontai was born into an aristocratic, semi-privileged Russian family in a completely Tsarified-1872 Russia. The tides of change were … Continue reading Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai (Marxist Feminism)

“War Is The Locomotive of History”- Is It?

In a 1922 Report on the Communist International, Trotsky famously described war as a locomotive of history, brilliantly implying that history is molded and changed by war. Is this true? The answer is both yes and no. It is evident that the many wars that humanity has fought in its course have both been causes and consequences of many processes. But to imply that they are the sole … Continue reading “War Is The Locomotive of History”- Is It?

Arthur Koestler’s Darkness At Noon

  Arthur Koestler was a stark Marxist-Leninist until he became disillusioned with the Soviet Union, when Stalin conducted his show trials that killed thousands in the late 30s. Darkness At Noon, in essence, is the story of an old-guard revolutionary that is found guilty of some ludicrous political crime that he did not commit, and then he gets jailed. Interestingly, the book does not mention the Soviet Union nor the Communist doctrine but puts us … Continue reading Arthur Koestler’s Darkness At Noon

The Possibility of Gender Equality(The Real Power Of Women)

Is Gender Equality Possible? Yes it is. Just ask the women who served in the Soviet Army against the tyranny of the Nazi invasion! When it came down to it really the men, women and children of the Soviet Union became interlocked in a war of survival! So while your grandmother was at home building bombers, or nursing soldiers behind the front, Vasily’s grandmother was fighting a war, hand in hand, alongside other … Continue reading The Possibility of Gender Equality(The Real Power Of Women)

What is William Morris Trying To Say in his “Art of The People” Speech?- Social Realism?

“The stream of civilization is against us, and we cannot battle against it.” William Morris is basically arguing that art has not only been an intrinsic consequence of the need and demands of building things, either because of economics or politics, but it is also done because it brings people happiness. Although Morris establishes a well defined difference between the hardships of labour and those of art, … Continue reading What is William Morris Trying To Say in his “Art of The People” Speech?- Social Realism?