How to Become The Übermensch (The Overman)

Man and Woman are only transitory stages, mere subjects who have become suppressed by the acceptance of their own limitations. The question which is of utmost importance however is: How does one become the ubermensch or the uberfrau?  How does one break free from one’s current limitations and take such divine coordination of their own lives and the world around them that they overcome their … Continue reading How to Become The Übermensch (The Overman)

People Don’t Care About Learning Anymore

Too many people today do not put enough emphasis on the importance of being educated. I do not mean having a hundred thousand dollar degree from some university but actually having the initiative to read a few books. People do not understand that a real education is up to the person in question, not to that of institutions or governments. The amount of study one … Continue reading People Don’t Care About Learning Anymore


One-State Solution? It is always very difficult to talk about Israel because of the sensitivity of the subject, but I feel there are some things that cannot go unmentioned. Before that I want to stress that I have an unyielding belief that Israel has the right to exist- it has not come into being because of aggressive colonialism. I think that a one state solution … Continue reading Israel?

Why I Hate Over-Intellectualism.

There is a distinct difference between good complexity and bad complexity. To be quite honest, the best type of complexity conveyed is done through simple speech and thought. The hardest thing to do is to try to explain complex ideas in very simple language. That is why I hate it when in most historiography, or any field of study, there is an overuse of complex … Continue reading Why I Hate Over-Intellectualism.

Why Women Need Full Equality.

Iknow that the title seems like a big ball-buster, man-hating, catch-phrase, but really women need full equality and here is why: Every society which is even worth being called a ‘society’ in essence grants women more freedom on average than normal. Although women i the West do not enjoy full equality to men, they still have more freedom than women in the East. My point … Continue reading Why Women Need Full Equality.

The Process of Research

I am about to embark on my first real research expedition/adventure as an actual historian. I am tired of reading about things from secondary sources in libraries. Really, is research in a library with books real research? I mean its great to hear about what other historians think about history. Yet, what I want is raw primary sources, lists, diaries, old newspapers, reports. I am tired of … Continue reading The Process of Research

Is Faith Important?-Not Just Religion

Whether its faith in oneself, in a deity, in some person, in a political body, ideology or even a table, the important question is: Does it matter? Do we need it? Is it useful? If I could possibly answer these questions I would certainly not do it in this form, but I would have to be that floating baby in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Whatever the case … Continue reading Is Faith Important?-Not Just Religion