The Solipsism of our Mind

The question which is placed upon us everyday is whether the mind is an individual machine, which is differentiated from all other bodies in the universe. Continue reading The Solipsism of our Mind


New Libertarian Foundations

The ethos of libertarian thought lies solely, and resolutely in the idea that the freedom of the individual must be an absolute, as long as no harm is brought to others. This is by no means a new concept, but one that has been shared by all great libertarian thinkers, from Friedman to Rand. Yet the decrepit state of current intellectual strains of libertarian-ism has … Continue reading New Libertarian Foundations

You are entitled to nothing

It is wholly unfortunate that most individuals that are part of my generation today believe that they are entitled to things they have not worked for. They truly believe that they are entitled to gratuitous money, and services without a single minute of work. The truth is, the axiom of life, outside the unstable despondency of the “welfare state” as it has come to be … Continue reading You are entitled to nothing

Nobody really cares about you, and that is a good thing

The words that I am about to write might come off as harsh, but they are the brutal truth. One which many of us choose to ignore daily. In fact many of us go through great lengths to try and live in the delusion that it is not so. The truth is that really at the heart of it nobody actually cares about you, and … Continue reading Nobody really cares about you, and that is a good thing

The Axioms of Modern Historiography

The problem with modern historiography and the way historians study history is that they tend to dwell too much into abstractions, when in fact history should be studied through individuals and their stories. How many times have you picked up a book or read a short piece on some event that described everything accordingly, but you couldn’t relate to it? The problem with this type of history is that … Continue reading The Axioms of Modern Historiography

Can History be Objective?

My last article was on the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo in 1914. In it, I questioned the tendency of historians to focus on German decision-making in the lead up to World War I. My focus was on Austria-Hungary, and more precisely the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz Joseph. I received an interesting comment on the article that has stayed … Continue reading Can History be Objective?

Why Reading and History Go Hand In Hand

 If you ask any history student, or truly anyone that fancies reading history they would probably tell you that both pretty much go hand in hand. Whether this might not resonate with you, the truth is that maybe you haven’t quite gotten a grasp over the way you learn history. The truth is, ultimately, that to become educated in any subject for that matter requires … Continue reading Why Reading and History Go Hand In Hand

A Note From The Editor-in-Chief

A magazine for the young intellectual, and more importantly, the free-thinker. That is our chief purpose. The absolute complimentary flow of history, opinion and intellectual discussion are things which should be gratuitous within society, not because of their salience, rather because they are meant to be used to better ourselves through education. The truth however remains that the genuine study of history cannot be devoid … Continue reading A Note From The Editor-in-Chief

The Inaccuracy of The Word ‘Cultured’

It is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s age to become refined in culture, but it is more difficult to define what being ‘cultured’ actually means. Books, intellectual movies, discussion, classical music among other things is what distinguishes a ‘cultured’ person from the plebeians. But wait. If culture is determined by all mediums of human creation, doesn’t that mean that watching Miley Cyrus music videos, and … Continue reading The Inaccuracy of The Word ‘Cultured’