J.J Benjamin- The Other Benjamin of Tudela

The position of Jews in Islamic countries has always been, historically,  a very contentious one. For some time I have believed, and still do, that the position of Jews within the Dhimmi construct has always been one of oppression and suppression. Although there are numerous sources that affirm this, I found the case of JJ Benjamin to be the most interesting. JJ Benjamin was a … Continue reading J.J Benjamin- The Other Benjamin of Tudela

Do You Know Where Hatikvah Was Written?

The Israeli national anthem has been in use for more than 60 years now and has served as an emotional response by the Jewish people in the post-war era. However, not many people know that the lyrics which make up most of the anthem were taken from a poem written by a not so famous Zionist by the name of Imber. Hatikvah’ s lyrics were … Continue reading Do You Know Where Hatikvah Was Written?

Moses Gaster(Hebrew Scholar)

Very few people have heard of Moses Gaster, or his enticing work for the revival and modernization of Hebrew within Romania, as well as the publication of numerous brilliant history books on Romanian and Jewish history. He also translated the Siddur into Romanian for those Romanian Jews who did not know Hebrew. However, perhaps his greatest accomplishment was his ability to collect. Gaster had a … Continue reading Moses Gaster(Hebrew Scholar)