Rafael’s Drawings

There are many who do not enjoy Raphael’s beautiful paintings, not only because they despise his representation of human grandeur but also because they cannot accept him as one of the greats of the High Renaissance period. Perhaps a collection of his drawing would play a role in changing their minds. Study for the Three Graces A Soldier before the Cell of St Peter Study … Continue reading Rafael’s Drawings

5 Paintings in The Style of Rembrandt

Everyone loves Rembrandt, at least everyone that truly knows his work, however in that last few decades it has become obvious that his work was at times not really his own but done by those who followed him, admirers or just copycats. Although many not even close to the master himself, they are still beautiful works of art. Man with a Steel Gorget   Man … Continue reading 5 Paintings in The Style of Rembrandt

10 Works By The Forgotten El Lissitsky

El Lissitsky, the famous Suprematist, and advocate of the use of shapes, and contrasting color to create a new dimension within the modernity of art. Here are 10 of his most beautiful, as well as socially salient works. 10. Klinom Krasnim, 1920. 9. Proun, 1923 8. Self-Portrait, 1924. 7. Proun Study 1A, 1919. 6. Illustration From Children’s Book, 1919. 5. 19D(Moma), 1922. 4. Everything For … Continue reading 10 Works By The Forgotten El Lissitsky