The Art of Polemics, formerly a history student magazine, is Milad Doroudian’s platform which features podcasts on numerous subjects such as history, art, and culture.


Milad Doroudian, a native of Jassy, Romania is a writer, historian, and the Senior Editor of The Art of Polemics magazine. He is working on a book on the Jassy Pogrom of 1941 while residing in Vancouver, Canada. He is a currently pursuing a Masters in History at Simon Fraser University.

His most recent book Essays in American History: From the Colonies to the Gilded Age, is a compendium of works that are thematically linked but cover a survey of time periods in U.S history. Although, his field is not directly related to the U.S, this work is meant to underline his basic philosophical and historical objectives.

He is a prolific contributor and commentator to numerous publications on a great deal of issues both contemporary and historical. He has written op-eds for The New York Times, the Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, and many others.


M.A in History at Simon Fraser University(In Progress)

Bachelor of Arts in History, First Class. University of British Columbia, 2014.

Awards and Recognition

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre For Hellenic Studies Graduate Fellowship – Fall 2015

Simon Fraser University Graduate Fellowship – Summer 2016

Graduate International Research Travel Award – Summer 2016

William and Jane Saywell Graduate Scholarship – Fall 2016

Hellenics Graduate Fellowship – Fall 2016

Teaching Assistantships

HIST 277: The History of Greek Civilization (Fall 2015) – Dr. Andre Gerolymatos

HIST 102: Canada Since Confederation (Spring 2016) – Dr. Mark Leier

HIST 338: History of The Second World War (Summer 2016) – Dr. Roxanne Panchasi

HIST 277: The History of Greek Civilization (Fall 2016) – Dr. Andre Gerolymatos


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