Nobody really cares about you, and that is a good thing

The words that I am about to write might come off as harsh, but they are the brutal truth. One which many of us choose to ignore daily. In fact many of us go through great lengths to try and live in the delusion that it is not so. The truth is that really at the heart of it nobody actually cares about you, and that is a good thing.

Obviously when I say that nobody cares about you, you immediately think of your family and loved ones. Surely they must love you, and yes they do. Yet, are they capable of loving you as much as you love yourself? The utter truth is that nobody cares the same way about you as much as you do.

This axiom of human living is the cornerstone of understanding the precepts of all human relations and societies. The egotism of the individual is the very foundation of who each and one of us are. We go about stuck in our own heads because that is the simple biological fact of our existence.

Sure we might feel empathy and sympathy for others, but the truth is that our drive is selfish. The man that proclaims that he does things for the good of all cannot be trusted. The man who proclaims he only cares for charity, and loves all mankind, usually does so to further his own interests. The man who says that money is an evil thing, is the least trustworthy of all. These examples of people who choose to hide their intents through a veil made out of the concern for the welfare of others is the worst.

The formation of actual collectives, societies, nations and every other form of human relation with more than one person have all been done out of the instinctive selfish need of humans to fulfill their own goals. We form relationships for selfish reasons, we form societies and band together because it is safer to do so- in evolutionary terms our rate of survival is higher if we stick together. All of this is simple logic.

We do things because we want the best for ourselves and the people that we love the most- our children. We love them selfishly. We give our lives to save their own because we cannot imagine living a day without them. Life without them would be miserable. Thus another selfish reason.

Ask yourself. If a hypothetical situation arose. There are two buttons. You must press one no matter what. One will be your death, the other will be the death of a person you have never met, and would never meet. What would you chose?

That is the brutal truth. Yet that is a simple philosophical problem, that attests to human reality.

Many chose to ignore the fact that the universe is oblivious to their existence, and delude themselves that they matter regardless of the fact that most of the time they have amounted to nothing, or to very little. Achievement of one’s goals is the only way to prove love for oneself, regardless of others. Reality is the only arbiter. Of course one must not overstep to cause harm to others through his/her actions, just as they must respect the freedoms of others. Liberty from coercion, is thus the greatest freedom for all individuals.

At the end of the day nobody actually cares about you, and that very realization is something that makes many people feel a great pressure lifted off their shoulders. The next step is to care nothing of the opinions or whims of others, and to live one’s life as it belongs solely to himself/herself. These are the bricks that form a house of confidence in ones abilities and oneself.

As Ayn Rand said: “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”


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