Greek referendum live blog-as it happened-Closed

Greece votes NO as 92% of the votes have been counted.

Closing remarks: Greece’s future now remains most uncertain at this might mean that it will leave the Eurozone, although a majority of the population does not wish to. PM Tsipras will have a mandate to take to Brussels and have a hand to see where negotiations will take his country. The current situation on banks is still uncertain although many have hoped that they will open on Tuesday as the cash flow situation in the country has been devastating.

Greek PM Tsipras has stated that the “no” result shows that “democracy won’t be blackmailed.”

The European Comission has released a statement: “President Juncker is consulting tonight and tomorrow with the democratically elected leaders of the other 18 Eurozone members as well as with the Heads of the EU institutions. He will have a conference call among the “Euro-Institutionals” (with the President of the Euro Summit, the President of the Euro Group and the President of the European Central Bank) on Monday morning. He intends to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday.”


11:33 PM 85% of the Vote has been counted, ‘NO’ leads with a wide margin at 62%. The Euro has tumbled down by 1% against the U.S. dollar.


10:41 PM. 65% of the votes counted, ‘NO’ still leads.



10:36 P.M. Syntagma square is packed with thousands of people at this moment. The communist block has arrived as red flag are flying amid Greek ones at this very moment.

10: 34 P.M. Greek Finance minster Varoufakis is given a statement to Greek media. He declared that this is a victory for the Greek people, and he says that the government will look for an agreement with the European Commission. He stated that today “Europe’s heart is beating in Greece.”


Angela Merkel will go to Paris on Monday to discuss the result with Francois Hollande. 62% of the vote has been counted, and NO still remains strong at 61%.

40% of the vote has been counted, NO is still strong at 61%


If NO wins, the most important thing to do next is to open to banks say experts, and the entire Greek nation.

25% percent of the vote has been counted and NO is still holding 60%


The Greece flag sellers have amalgamated in Athens to sell flags to the people.

Greeks are rallying in the street with flags, as they are waiting for the results which are expected in the few hours. Currently the NO is in the lead yet once the vote in the urban areas will be counted there might be a shift towards the YES camp. This will determine Greece’s future in the Euro zone.

Tensions are building up as Greeks are on the edge of their seats as they wait to hear the results of the referendum which will decide the future of the nation.

Only 20% of the vote has been counted, and currently NO is ahead with 60%.


Both the Greek PM and Finance Minister have called for a rejection of the bailout throughout the day. The question is will the banks open on Tuesday? Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made it clear that a “No” would mean that Greece will “not only to stay in Europe but to live with dignity in Europe”.

The Greek government is holding a referendum whether the Greek population wants to accept the creditors proposal to further aid to Greece, or whether they want to refuse the bailout.

Opinion polls have shown in the past few days that the country is divided between accepting and not accepting the creditors’ bailout.


Promotion of “NO”


Source: Photo Credit / Stephanie Limage of Limage Media Group in Athens July 5th 2015.

Alex Tsipras, the PM of Greece, has promoted that the population vote NO on the vote as to hold off teh creditors’s high demands for sever austerity. Hours before the polls open the finance minster has suggested that the creditors have been “terrorizing” Greece into accepting their demands.


July 5th- Polls closed at 7:00 PM and now counting is underway, they show that the count is currently hedging towards a ‘no.’

Germany has said that “It is clear that we will not leave the [Greek] people in the lurch.” meaning that they do not want Greece to continue their current crisis- bank closures, lack of cash flow, and even rationing of drugs at pharmacies.

July 5th- In a few hours the polls will open at 7:00 AM, and Greece will soon get to decide its future after days of unrest between the ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ camps in the country. This will be the first referendum that Greece will hold since 1974.


The polls suggest a very close tie between the Yes and No camp.

The Associated Press discusses how Greece found itself in this crisis.

Last week Greece defaulted on 1.5 billion Euros from the IMF, which means that the country might exit the E.U.


Check out The Wall Street Journal’s info graphic on what the Eurozone will look like without Greece.




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