Thousands march in Moscow to mourn Nemtsov

More then 20,000 people took to the streets of Moscow on Sunday to protest the death of Boris Nemtsov, an outspoken critique of Putin and the war in Ukraine last week.

The persuasive feeling is that the Nemtsov’s death was a political murder at the hands of Putin and his ruling party, although Putin had called the killing ‘vile’ and something aimed at hurting the Russian government.

The people that marched held signs that read: ‘I am Not Afraid’. The Moscow authorities allowed the protest/march to take place legally.

Many people were holding the national flag, some the Ukrainian one, and at one point the crowd began to shout:”Down with Putin.”

Nemtsov, part of the political opposition, was a harsh critique of Putin. He was killed after finishing a radio broadcast where he attacked Putin’s recent domestic and international policies.

“Essentially it is an act of terror. It is a political murder aimed at frightening the population, or the part of the population that supported Nemtsov and did not agree with the government,” Yashin told The Associated Press. “I hope we won’t get scared, that we will continue what Boris was doing.”

“It was President Putin who created this atmosphere of hate in our country, the atmosphere of intolerance, which one way or another materialized in the bullet that killed my friend Boris Nemtsov,” Yashin said.

With all this being said, more then 80% of Russians support Putin, and all of his policies both domestically and in Ukraine.


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