PIGAPICHA- Nairobi photography exhibition at the UBC MOA

Vancouver, B.C.- An exhibition named PIGAPICHA is currently still on at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, and it is an illustrious historical journey-through photos- of Kenyan pop-culture in the last 100 years.

A collection of around 180 photographs that were taken either on the streets of Nairobi, or carefully staged in studies shows the developing nature of popular culture since 1910.

“MOA has always served as a forum for cultivating an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of world arts and cultures traditions,” explains Nuno Porto, Curatorial Liaison for Pigapicha! at Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver.

“Pigapicha” translates into “take my picture”. However the collection is not just of normal photographs but range to passport photos, and even artistic prints.

“A highly-regarded art form in Nairobi, portrait photography is used to tell stories, share social status, and transform everyday life,” says Curator Katharina Greven.

The exhibition is set to end this April.

Visit the MOA website to learn more.


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