Understanding perspective

I don’t know how many rooms I have

Or how many souls

I left my rooms in leiden

And the room in bucharest

I brought my soul home to sibiu

To paint in my childhood room

like an actor that never left the stage in sibiu

Like more actors that never left the stage


In my mirror

I see a girl painting clouds

On small pieces of soul

And trying to understand perspective

For artists

There is a mirror inside her painting

While I write all this

Some clouds entered my room

I am repeating these lines

I do my rehearsal while standing in front of the mirror

While standing inside the mirror

I go on painting

As I understand perspective

From the inside of the clouds

From the inside of my rooms.

I leave the room from the inside of my painting

Cause it’s high time I start painting clouds

There should be a door in my painting with the mirror

So I can go on entering my souls.

For more lines by this author check out her personal website



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