People don’t care about learning anymore?

Too many people today do not put enough emphasis on the importance of being educated. I do not mean having a hundred thousand dollar degree from some university but actually having the initiative to read a few books.

People do not understand that a real education is up to the person in question, not to that of institutions or governments. The amount of study one employs into a subject is at his/her own will. He or she is the master of how much they learn, and how much they want to learn.

Do not get me wrong, I am not some sort of hippie who thinks school as useless, but I believe that a really educated person is not someone who simply gets a university degree, but someone who reads, studies, researches, talks to people constantly. There is simply not enough there for a degree to be the only indicator that a man or woman is educated. Trust me I have met a lot of people in this world that have had multiples degrees but were rather idiotic, even for their own good.

I can only try and inquire how many people in this world have a degree but cannot hold a proper conversation. Interestingly many of these people tend to be at the top of their classes. The reason for this is quite simple. Most people tend to simply concentrate on their grades, rather that learn something. I believe that sometimes the most brilliant people out there are the ones who love learning for the sake of learning. Also it seems that those people tend to do the very best in their ceases. So really what does it come down to?

Passion is something that is a must, a necessity of life in order to pursue something, and truly achieve something. Still, I do not think that passion alone can motivate someone to learn. There are so many other things. I am just not sure what they are. However, the simple fact remains that if one does not have the will to open a book, whether it does yield a degree or not, it simply does not matter.


3 thoughts on “People don’t care about learning anymore?

  1. This is a good opinion piece..the subject matter is so complex, sometimes over the years I have been frustrated as well with these people. Over time I have formed the opinion that some personality types just will never be interested in learning, not in the way that you address in your article. I sense that over time these different personalities have gone in and out of favor with the masses, in a kind of cycle like sometimes happens in history. Just take the wig and face powder craze of the 1700’s , hardly an intellectual highlight. Intellectualism is alive and well, but there are always the people are more interested in fashion, trends and money.


  2. The rage and depression this observation has drug me through in my lifetime has been immense. I’ve often felt like an alien just watching people as they go about their daily lives… what I don’t understand is that this brain of ours, and the world we inhabit allow for some sort of genius whether that be wisdom, book smarts, street smarts, cooking, emotional intelligence, creativity etc., and yet so many let it fall to the wayside for a life of fast food and minimum aspirations. It’s never made sense to me. I don’t know if it ever will. To waste such amazing potential, seems to be… well… a waste.


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