Jack The Ripper’s True Identity Revealed Through DNA Evidence

After years of search and mystery in the gruesome murder of women in London’s late 19th streets, the identity of the infamous Jack The Ripper has been revealed by an amateur historian. After using the shawl of one of the victims- Catherine Eddowes- and the lineage of the descendants of one of the suspects it has been concluded that the murderer was a Polish Jew by the name of Aaron Kosminski who immigrated to the U.K in the 1880’s.

Russel Edwards, the man who has brought this evidence to light, and is writing a book about it after 14 years of trying to uncover the truth, has said that Kominsky was on the list of suspects for the longest time, but there was never any trial.

“I’ve spent 14 years working on it, and we have definitively solved the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was.”

During the investigations London detectives had an exhaustive list of suspects, but could never truly pinpoint exact evidence on Kominsky who lived on Greenfield Street and worked as a hairdresser. In fact, he was 23 years old at the time.

Kominsky fled Russia with his parents in the 1880’s because of the pogroms caused by the Tsar’s antisemitism. However, at a very young age Kominsky became mentally ill, most likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, which resulted in his placement in an asylum. This incidentally a while after the murders stopped.

This is the first time in history, since the murders 120 years ago when actual physical evidence has arisen, clearly showing someone’s guilt. Russell himself purchased the shawl in hopes of finding hard-cut evidence to prove his long standing theories which revolved around Kominsky.

If the DNA match proves to be valid, and the rest of the evidence concurs with Edward’s findings, than this just might prove to be the end of one of the most grueling cases of multiple homicide, not only in British history, but in the world


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