The World Commerorates The Start Of The First World War

100 years on, today the world commemorated the start of one of the most devastating and egregious events in human history. The First World War, which resulted in the deaths of countless, will be remembered as the most futile and utter and pointless waste of life the history of humanity has ever experienced.

Leaders of various nations today commemorated the losses of their individual countries but also that of the entire war in numerous ceremonies showcased around the world. The largest and most prominent in these found in Liege, where the Allied War Memorial is found.

The First World War is known as the first major world war to span across different continents, where of course most of the fighting concentrated in Europe, namely Belgium and France where the stalemate lines served as the places where millions would die. The 28th of July, 1914 is known as the first day of the official commencement of the war, which lasted until November 9 where Germany signed and armistice of defeat with the Entente powers.

Consequently The Treaty of Versailles played an enormous role in the way Wiemar Germany was shaped in the interwar years. Also something that played a role in the massive support that Hitler got in the early 30’s.

Although the Second World War had a great deal more of casualties and deaths as well as the draconian Holocaust, The First World War was the first true great shock of humanity. The very event that revealed the ghastly nature of humans beings.



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