The Lady Who Gives Tours of London’s Historical Loos

It is hard to find things in today’s age that actually have any historical value and aren’t being showcased on mass to private tours. That is not the case with Rachel Erikson who offers tours of London’s bathrooms, toilets, and “crappers”.

Her tour company, “London Loo Tours” is perhaps the latest twist in the world of commercial historical showcasing, and however quirky it might sound she is been having a great deal of success by offering full , but also private sight seeing to tourists, or simple loo enthusiasts.

In her interview with the BBC Rachael mentions that one of the reasons she started the tour is because she was keen on knowing all the free places where a person could use toilets in London. Rather reminiscent of George Constanza plan to map out all the best and most luxuries but gratuitous bathrooms in New York. Still, all jokes aside, Erikson might actually have something interesting, even for history enthusiasts.

In fact there are a great deal of many things to see from the famous Jubiloo toilet, and a great deal of still standing Thomas Crapper & Company bowls.

“There is a stigma attached to toilets…” – Rachel Erikson


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