The New York Historical Society Brings Civil War Era To Life

The distinguished New York Historical Society has made a great deal of effort in the last few weeks to recreate the Civil War Era for children as well as adults. They plan to feature a great deal of era artifacts, but also activities which are being run by teen historians. Dr. Sharon Dunn, the society’s Vice President of Education said that:

“Our education programs help children and families develop independent views of history and strengthen their research, analysis and interpretation skills,”

It seems that a many young history enthusiasts are participating in one of the most important history-related events in New York in the present. The teens will be able to learn but also teach visitors about the gruesome Civil War but also New York’s part in the whole affair.

Camp History, also a part of the program, will provide teenagers, tweens and children with the ability to use photographic technology dating from the 19th century in order to learn about the difficult that a photographer had to go through to ensure he would capture his intended subjects.

Yet, the fun does not stop there. People will have the opportunity to research through thousand of sources pertaining to the Civil War as well as the U.S in the 19th century, in open form. This, of course, in the hopes that the New York Historical Society might promote the study of history to younger generations. The hope is that this will yield more historians, which of course seems to be the Vice President’s hope as well based on her statement:

 “We are very proud of our Student Historians’ hard work, creativity and intellect in bringing the transformative power of American history to families beyond our gallery walls.”

The New York Historical society was founded in 1804, and is the oldest history museum in New York City.


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