Barack Obama on the Israel-Palestine Situation

In a welcomed op-ed in the Haaretz, Israel’s leading English newspaper, Barack Obama has outlined that Israel and Palestine need to restrain themselves from committing to further violence. This of course, prior to June 30th. Obama’s words have just gained even more salience, as Netahaynu recent “gloves off” remark in regards to the invasion of the Gaza Strip by the IDF, in response to nearly 60 rockets being fired into Israel in the past few days.

As I said last year in Jerusalem, peace is necessary, just, and possible. I believed it then. -Obama (Haaretz)

The tensions between Hamas and Israel, despite the obvious historical causes, can be rooted in the kidnapping and death of three Israeli teens at the hands of Jewish extremists in June , and the subsequent kidnapping and murder of on Palestinian teen at the hands of Jewish extremists in the last week. As a result terrorist group Hamas reigned terror and destruction over Israel, while the Times of Israel reports that the IDF are “ready to go all the way” into Gaza.

Obama outlines that in a diplomatically mediated way that the tensions that have recently sparked as a result of the new Palestinian government, that it is Israel and Palestine’s commitment to keep on track towards peace. Something which is becoming more bleak with each passing hour, as the IDF troops are ready to invade Gaza and eliminate the Hamas insurgency. Despite the fact that the opinion piece seems more like a governmental press release with a face, Obama does not forget to reiterate the long standing fact that the U.S remains committed

as Israel’s first friend, Israel’s oldest friend, and Israel’s strongest friend.-Obama (Haaretz)




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