A Note From The Editor-in-Chief

A magazine for the young intellectual, and more importantly, the free-thinker. That is our chief purpose. The absolute complimentary flow of history, opinion and intellectual discussion are things which should be gratuitous within society, not because of their salience, rather because they are meant to be used to better ourselves through education.

The truth however remains that the genuine study of history cannot be devoid of bias, opinion and subjectivity. Instead, in knowing the imperfect nature of our discipline, we try and extend our knowledge beyond just facts and dates but rather towards the study of people’s narratives and lives. After all, it is their experience as a whole that make up the grand and mosaic expanse of human history. With the knowledge that it is impossible to become disconnected from their stories, we realize that when one studies history, objectivity although an important characteristics is nearly impossible to achieve. It is ultimately for this reason why we believe that history is opinion, and more importantly, history is life. All human action affects posterity, thus the study of those actions yields an understanding of ourselves today.

Milad Doroudian

First Volume of The Art of Polemics 

Published in The Art of Polemics, Issue 1, on June 18th, 2014.


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