Frozen History

Frozen History from Jyri on Vimeo.

Keila Church is the biggest medieval country church in Harju county. The main body of the church remained unbuilt at the beginning and was obviously established at the first half of the 14th century. Until 1452 was Keila church a subject to Tallinn Dome Church, after that to Dome commandery. Change in relationship of subordination involved some bigger reconstructions at the end of the 15th, beginning of 16th century. Works were lead by stonemason Peter and bricklayer Merten from Tallinn.
First the massive west-tower was built. Three-sided ending was added to the chancel, it was re-vaulted and altar table of stone was made. In 1480 southern portal was established. In 1489 the church was vaulted and it became two-aisled, which is rather seldom in Estonian churches.
In the church yard the peasant ring-crosses from the 17th century are most remarkable. Four of those have remained on their original place, two are placed into church entrance hall. Ring-crosses are witnesses of the wealthy life of Swedish-time peasants. To compare: there are no gravemarks from after Northern War in the yard, just from the second quarter of 19th century the first monumental lime-stone peasant crosses date back to.
Equipment used: Canon 60D, Canon kit lens 18-130mm, Tamron 70-300mm lens.
Music by Kendra Springer (


One thought on “Frozen History

  1. What an incredibly powerful piece of film! I’m not sure why exactly – I’m not sure I want to try to analyse it either – but the pictures and music combined were very moving somehow. Thanks for posting it!


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