Morality is False

Morality is a false social construction. It has been said what is right and wrong is irrelevant, but what truly matters is the extent of our needs. What man thinks this way? The morality of our decisions and our lives of course are inherently controlled by our needs, but the choice between right and wrong is rightfully ours. So how then is morality false, if we are forced to take right and wrong actions?

I am not going to say that it is society that constructs the meaning of right and wrong. And if you are expecting such a weak minded approach to understanding morality I suggest you leave. It is wrong to kill, and always will be. Right and Wrong are far easier to understand as simple construct, without invoking some sort of dogmatic thinking. What that is this falsehood I speak of?

Morality is false as a social construction because it leads us to believe that it is to complex to understand, when the decision between right and wrong is far easier. It is beyond utilitarian rhetoric, and beyond idealistic Utopianism, it is the condition that is set out before us. The decisions that we take may have positive or negative effect given unlimited variables under many different circumstances. Yet, we can make the correct choice, if they are deemed correct by our own will.

With this in mind, this does not mean that it is correct to do bad  things, such as stealing and murdering just because on thinks it is correct. Interestingly, this goes back to the idea of the ubermensch.- one creates his own morality not because society less him/her too but because he/she has the power to.

In other words one does not commit crime because he/she know is wrong by her own choice, not because she is scared of prison, or religious dogma and myths.

Morality is not a difficult thing to understand, it is through the complex nature of how we perceive it that makes it such a misery.

Published in The Art of Polemics, Issue 1, on June 18th, 2014.



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