How to Become The Übermensch (The Overman)

Man and Woman are only transitory stages, mere subjects who have become suppressed by the acceptance of their own limitations. The question which is of utmost importance however is: How does one become the ubermensch or the uberfrau?  How does one break free from one’s current limitations and take such divine coordination of their own lives and the world around them that they overcome their primitivity?

There has been far too much misinterpretation of Nietzsche, so much that in fact I have become so frustrated that I have been compelled to write this to vent my frustrations out. So, to define the ubermnesch is a very simple task indeed. The genius of Nietzsche is that his philosophy is so complex that it is easy to understand(far more than most would believe).

First, man and woman must push themselves into a consistent and constant state of self-overcoming. There are no limits set upon the “overman” or “overwoman” because they do not believe there are any limitations. For instance, the most mundane example would be that on this exam I achieve 95%, well on the next I will try and get 96%. The point is to self overcome oneself, simply based on individual expectations, and not on those of general society.

Second, morality should be in entirety based on the individual. Thus the over-man and overwoman know it is wrong to steal, kill and commit crime not because it is wrong in society, but because they know it themselves that it is wrong. This is where Nietzsche is misinterpreted quite a lot. In other words, I will not steal because I know I will go to jail and because it is deplored. NO those are not the reasons why I will not steal- rather the reason is because I KNOW it is wrong. Thus morality is based on the individual as a whole.

HOWEVER, the real ubermnsech does not commit crime, steal or kill, if one who does and finds his/her defence in Nietzsche’s philosophy than they are not the real ubermensnch or uberfrau. They are parasites. Just because the ubermensch does not base his morality off social and cultural trend does not mean that he must perform evil. Yet, if that is the case is the ubermensch an egotistical fabrication?

No. The ubermnesch is so dedicated to bettering himself that he will in turn better society as a whole. When the body heals, this is done at the molecular level with each cell bettering/healing itself. Why can’t this be applied to society? If each women and men take it up to better their own lives and condition through self-overcoming, won’t society become better? You might ask the question: wait, doesn’t that mean that ever person would be selfish, egotistical and inherently after his own skin?

Again, the answer to this is no. The reason for this is because If I make it my purpose to become a better person, through self-overcoming that ultimately means that the manner in which I conduct myself will also change for the better. It is in the interest of the ubermensh to overcome social anxiety and arrogance.If he or she actually does overcome these problems, and treats his.her fellow human being better- he/she has than overcome herself socially.

What am I talking about?

Do you know how we will take this next step in our evolutionary narrative? We put aside immaturity and we make it our business to better ourselves. If this means learning how to be well spoken, bettering our social situation or even something as simple as educating ourselves through a book. the process of self-overcoming can only be achieved through the individual. Why?

Well countless times have governments and groups have tried to better men and women through societal changes in mass. This has not worked out- that is because change must be pushed through the individual rather than through the masses. There is a reason why the masses are said to think like sheep, yet the individual is considered more intelligent on his/her own. Yet, sure this cannot occur on an equal level.

Well of course it cannot. Yet, the process of bettering one self is indeed universal. It is something that everyone can aspire to. If I am a professor, I will better myself by making sure I educated more people more profoundly. If I am a farmer I will make sure that this yield of tomatoes will be more abundant and better. It is essentially through work that we make our lives better.

Do you know that the ubermensch is something truly attainable? It is not just an Utopian ideal that or some prolonged mental masturbation(I do not care how vulgar my language is) The ubermensch and uberfrau are exactly opposite of the parasite. What is the parasite? Man and Woman are  parasite. A parasite are simply their own weaknesses and their own limitations. These limitations of course are only to be measure to each to his-her own.

Just because I am disabled or in wheechair it does not mean I cannot become the ubermnesch Quite the contrary! You will become more than the over-man because your obstacles would be that much larger to overcome!

We are all parasites, because we are sheeple- mere cattle until we break free from these bonds and walk into the fold of the overman. The same fold which will also herald an new hope for human nature. The ubermensch is not only attainable,but it is by right the next step in our evolutionary process.

In order to break free from the grasp of our own delusions of pettiness or granduer we must overcome them. Yet, beware! The road to such places demand humility. The overman and overwoman is espoused in humility, integrity. He or she does not place himself/herself over everyone else( in their own minds) above others. They do not act arrogant, because they do not need to.

Published in The Art of Polemics, Issue 1, on June 18th, 2014.


10 thoughts on “How to Become The Übermensch (The Overman)

  1. You say that the ubermensch knows that it is wrong to steal, kill, lie. Yet what makes it inherently wrong? If Nietzsche himself proclaimed the will to power, and the ubermensch is the expression of that will to power, wouldn’t the ubermensch deem for himself what is right and what is wrong? Killing, stealing, and lying included?


    1. THANK YOU.

      The ubermensch does not happen to come to slave morality through a different route altogether just because slave morality is inherently good.

      He creates his own values. In addition, why the hell would the ubermensch be humble? Humility is pretty much by definition part of slave morality. Instead he would likely accept his own supremacy and be proud of himself in a very deep, fundamental way.


  2. Interesting, the same thought crossed my mind. Then I though back to a time that I stole something and felt a feeling of remorse over my own action, not out of fear of getting caught or doing something ‘wrong’ but because it felt bad… The feeling of being a parasite instead of earning that which I had taken. I think the rest of those things may sometimes, yet mostly not benefit mankind.

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  3. As for humility, wouldn’t there be a need of putting yourself above others every time you follow a value that is contrary to another person’s? Or would it just be a disregard of other values because of integrity, and not necessarily placing your thoughts,above theirs?


  4. Nietzsche:
    Good and Evil do not exist for those possessing the master morality, such ideas belong to slaves. No, the master instead considers what is healthful and what is harmful (for himself). Good and Evil are concepts used by slaves in a vain attempt to make their own inferior positions more tolerable (the slave tries to convince himself that his limitations are actually his strengths; thus mercy becomes a virtue instead of a weakness, and greed and pride come to be considered Evil. In reality, mercy is a virtue for the slave because he is unable to protect himself or lacks the ability to be a threat to others, while greed and pride are sins because the slave lacks the ability to achieve his greedy desires. Ditto for pride).
    Thus, the ubermensch is a person capable of transcending the limitations of the slave morality. He is one who is constantly in the state of becoming more and more the master. If that means killing or stealing, then so be it.
    Not sure I agree with Nietzsche.


  5. Hmm so the Ubermencsh is not some lofty arrogant ideal then. I hate to say it , but being an individualist , some times I can get very arrogant and I think I am starting to see this and change it. Tell me is “The Herd” inferior to the Ubermensch, because I been baffled with this for a year of hard Nietzsche studying.


  6. Think about the bird of prey analogy again. The masters (birds of prey) don’t hate the slaves (sheep). In fact they love the sheep because they understand that without the sheep they could not exist. The sheep on the other hand resent the birds of prey because they cause the sheep pain and suffering. This resentment festers into hate which culminates as defining the birds of prey as evil creatures. The sheep thinks the birds are evil because they disuse this pain and suffering on purpose when this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Also, the sheep do not understand that a bird of prey would cease to be a bird of prey if it stopped killing and eating sheep. If it did it would not think of the bird of prey as evil. I believe the same concept applies to the übermensch. Let’s be clear that the masters are not the übermensch. To Nietzsche, no one in history has reached this goal. So people of master morality both past and present have not become übermensch. However, to reach this goal one must first abandon the slave morality which ruled the day and adopt a master morality. Master morality is only to be the master of oneself, not the master of others. That’s what Nietzsche wanted. He wanted everyone to stop believing in other peoples morals (i.e the church) and to think for themselves and follow their own morals. The master morality gets taken to the extreme exactly when people begin to value themselves as “above” the slaves (see nazism). Nietzsche was appalled by this and I believe knew this would happen. The übermensch does not think of himself above anyone because he does not need to. To think yourself better than others shows a lack of understanding which means you are not übermensch. The übermensch knows and understands for himself what he does is for the betterment of all because by becoming a better/super/uber individual one betters everyone. The übermensch knows he is at the top of the pyramid of human achievement but realizes that everyone has the ability to be exactly like him if they only have the will to do so. The übermensch wants everyone to be like him because the world would be far better off but realizes that is a choice each individual must make and it is a very hard choice to make. Übermensch is what humans are supposed to eventually be. The übermensch doesn’t resent anything or anyone but rather takes ownership of their own lives and have the will to change their lives themselves. They don’t make excuses for past misdeeds or mistakes but takes ownership of them. He doesn’t regret them either because they are what has brought him to this point. The übermensch does not pity others because he knows that to pity is to believe they cannot change their situation themselves which would make the übermensch believe he is better than everyone. Basically the übermensch has found the true meaning of life and wants everyone to find it for themselves.
    -Nietzsche is so optimistic in my opinion. Reading his genealogy of morals was so liberating for me because he says that anyone has the ability to overcome and change anything about their life that they want if they on have the will power to do it. The tragedy is the fact that the vast majority do not. The road of the übermensch is a hard and lonely road, only for the strongest of willed but end the end is far better than sheeps life which is easier and happier. In my opinion Nietzsche’s outlook of the future is so positive, it is a shame people misuse and misinterpret his philosophy to suit their own ends, and this happened even while he was still alive and continues to happen to this day.
    To sum it up to the übermensch your question is irrelevant. The übermensch doesn’t think he is better he knows it, but he realizes that each man and woman must make their own decision to be an übermensch, they cannot be told to be one. And this lies the loneliness: this journey is completely individual.
    -I am an amateur in regards to Nietzsche so determine for yourself what you think it means because that is what I have done. I read his work three days ago for the first time but I know my life has been changed forever in doing so.

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    1. This article does a semi decent job. There is only one defining feature of the ubermensch that we can say for sure, and that is overcoming. Overcoming what exactly? Many things. However Nietzsche explained his own personal definition of the ubermensch based off his definition of morality throughout his books. However it can be different for anyone. It is someone who can overcome but also choose their own morals. Essentially an ultra existentialist lol. I always wondered about nietzsche’s thoughts of no self and self although(also this article sucks)


  7. It might be an old article to leave a comment on, but after reading this article, my own limited knowledge on the Ubermensch (which I’ll just call Uber for short), and the comments on this Article, it filled me with a small gratification of sorts, knowing that ‘Yes, I am on the path of the Uber.’
    I think of it more along the lines of that anyone who chooses so can become an Ubermensch, but not for anyone else but him-/herself. I am my own Uber, and I decide, based on my own logic and conscience what good and evil is – and while this may not be exactly what society may define them as, granted that one is correctly on the path of the Uber, it shouldn’t deviate too greatly from what society as a whole would define as good or evil. Being an Uber would only mean that one knows why killing or stealing is bad, not because society defines it as bad, or because of the societal consequences – the first being the mindset of the masses, and the second the socio-/psychopath – but because of one’s own solid reasoning and whatever philosophies may have risen from it.
    I used to be a rather elitist and withdrawn person, even just a few months ago, but something clicked in me, and I started to just… talk. to people. And after a while of that, I wish that I’d have the power to start a small movement. You know those moments where you are standing in a market line, or you’re sitting next to someone in the bus? Well I don’t mean you should strain to do this, or even do this unnaturally… but I think that it’d be a nice gesture to just talk to these people. Everyone has a tale to tell, but often no one to listen. I believe just small talks like this, as long as you are actually attentive to whoever you talk to, can very much brighten your day – and who knows? Maybe he or she can enlighten your understanding of the world just a bit more, and further your own quest to become the Uber. The chance of that is small – I know – but wouldn’t just a little gesture like that… can’t it make the world just slightly a better place, and less so a concrete labyrinth? If only slightly?


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