Romanian Endangered Synagogues

It is quite rare for a group of people to voluntarily take the initiative and actually try to preserve extremely sensitive history. This is undoubtedly the case with the new volunteer group “Romanian Endangered Synagogues” which seems to be gathering a pretty hefty( small but increasingly inclined gathering) in order to promote their goal of preserving geriatric synagogues in Romania.

I have to hand it to these people. They are actually taking the time to collect images and actually let other people know about things that they would otherwise never hear of.  The current state of the Romanian Jewish Community’s history is an extremely precarious situation not only because of the ineptitude of the Romanian Government but also because of the lack of international knowledge.

The current Jewish Community in Romania (who is still alive and well) is having a heck of hard time trying to gather the funds to reconstructs and renovate the remaining beautiful synagogues. Although many have forgotten about the beauty of these buildings and once places of worship.( some of which I am ashamed to say are Jews), they must not be forgotten because they are remnants of a once rich and flavorful Jewish culture present in Romania

The point is that we cannot forget history, it is what defines us. And to see that a few individuals with enough boldness to actually institute such a project is actually quite inspiring. I means these people have absolutely no funds, thus what they do is out of their free time. To be honest it must be pretty grueling work considering the dozens of synagogues that no longer function as such that are found across the country.

I really want to give props to the people at Endangered Romanian Synagogues. I am going to keep posting about their progress in order to keep you guys updated!

Check out their Facebook

Romanian Endangered Synagogues




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