People Don’t Care About Learning Anymore

Too many people today do not put enough emphasis on the importance of being educated. I do not mean having a hundred thousand dollar degree from some university but actually having the initiative to read a few books.

People do not understand that a real education is up to the person in question, not to that of institutions or governments. The amount of study one employs into a subject is at his/her own will. He or she is the master of how much they learn, and how much they want to learn.

Do not get me wrong, I am not some sort of hippie who thinks school as useless, but I believe that a really educated person is not someone who simply gets a university degree, but someone who reads, studies, researches, talks to people all the time about things. There is simply not enough there for a degree to be the only indicator that a man or woman is educated. Trust me I have met a lot of people in this world that have had multiples degrees but were idiots beyond comprehension.

I can only try and inquire how many people in this world have a degree but cannot hold a proper conversation. Interestingly many of these people tend to be at the top of their classes. Interestingly, the reason for this is quite simple. Most people tend to simply concentrate on their grades, rather that learn something. I believe that sometimes the most brilliant people out there are the ones who love learning for the sake of learning. Also it seems that those people tend to do the very best in their ceases. So really what does it come down to?

Passion, is something that is a must, a necessity of life really in order to pursue something, and truly achieve something. Still, I do not think that passion alone can motivate someone to learn. There are so many other things. I am just not sure what they are.


7 thoughts on “People Don’t Care About Learning Anymore

  1. This is so true. I recently graduated in a field which I would not have chosen if I had a chance to do it all over now. It was before I even knew what I wanted to do with my life. University was so easy for me, it failed to challenge me thus I was always reading a bunch of other books that were not part of my university curriculum. I must say that getting a grade is one of the easiest things out there, however many with whom I discuss this with disagree with me, and insist that it is in fact NOT easy to get straight A’s. In my view anyone can get that degree, but a degree is non essential when it comes to achieving your dreams outside of the university. Not just anyone can become ‘that’ lawyer who rakes up millions of dollars and fame. Although, I am not a hippie either I do think that universities are quite a waste of time unless you are into STEM fields. Everything else can be learned on its own and applied to ones life accordingly.


  2. “… I believe that a really educated person is not someone who simply gets a university degree, but someone who reads, studies, researches, talks to people all the time about things.”

    Agree! Intellectual curiosity, continuing to explore, think, learn, grow. It’s one reason people like to blog–share thoughts, ideas, THINK!


  3. I think part of the problem comes from working towards a test. Teachers have to meet quotas in order to prove that their students can achieve in life. Sadly, there isn’t a real test for life, just living it. I think it’s time we worked on making people well-rounded instead of just employable. While I don’t want to disparage the latter, the former will make us better citizens in my opinion.


  4. There are many factors that must be present at various times to motivate a learner. The number one reason why people don’t learn large content is because the reward is not immediate or far from the reach yet. Too much of the unknown also demotivates a learner. One powerful motivator is a person must be AFRAID. eg. afraid of being ignorant, etc… for some reason that motivates most. Self induced motivations are speed reading & there are many others.

    A person should be aware of learning techniques to ultimately enjoy the development as it manifests. Those who don’t know learning techniques may become bored or drop out of the learning course. Because they might have been wrongfully approaching a learning material…

    A lot of people drop out of learning because they become tired. And next time their brain doesn’t want to be uncomfortable again. And they’re oblivious to the reason they’re tired because their brain needs to get used to assimilating more information. The longer you don’t study, the harder it is to learn new information. Brain is strong enough organ to sustain IQ for about 20 years after cessation of learning. And then it’ll decline badly into dementia or some other cephalic disorder.

    If you want to be able to study huge information, you need to work your way up there. You’ll need to invest some time of the day to study properly, and diet & exercise regularly to maximize cogitation. You’ll gradually get used to learning more and more content. Not right away, unless if you’re very well focused.


  5. When people afraid while learning they don’t learn well… you need to be prepared to learn before starting. Techniques to be in “Alpha State” are ubiquitous on google… Deep breathing is a powerful one to calm down to help telencephalon engage into alpha state naturally…


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