A Short Rant on Art

I really do not believe that everything that we slap on some canvass can so easily be called art. What is art? What makes it art? Do we have a right to not call it art? I have an underlying belief that art is very much relative but there are some boundaries that must be attached to it.

If we take everything around us to be art, aren’t we devaluing the meaning of art and its beauty? I don’t think that everything that is thrown into a art gallery can be called art, the reason for this is that a certain amount of emotion and love needs to be put into creating art. If there is no connection between the creator and the created piece, then it means nothing.

There is a certain kitsch element to most of the art procured today. I really believe that the connection between the artist and the “art” is narrowing intensely. I am not sure if this is a consequence of the current globalization of the world we live in and the incessant-never ending “ADHD-ization” of culture.

Whatever the case may be, art must employ a certain amount of beauty not through physical forms and lines but through emotional ones. Yet there are simple and beautiful artworks that have emotion. You can tell that there was honesty and humility put into that work.

I am a firm believer that no matter whatever form of art it is, honesty and sincerity needs to be a big part of the finished piece, rather than the creation of art for the mere sake of being labeled an artist.



2 thoughts on “A Short Rant on Art

  1. Personally, I have a hard time believe that painting a dot in the middle of a canvas is really art, but I suppose art starts when someone else genuinely appreciates it (not to include your mom saying how great it is just because she’s your mom). I don’t like instillation art, but I know for some it’s the bees knees. Maybe we can say that art isn’t art until someone else says it is or perhaps art doesn’t really exist.


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