(Shoemakers) Cismarilor Synagogue

Shoemaker’s (Cismarilor) Synagogue is located in Jassy, Iasi, Romania.

There is little left of the Shoemaker’s Synagogue- well at east anything that would make the building resemble a synagogue now a days. In fact the building has not been used as a shul since the Second World War. During Ceausescu’s “great” Communist times the shul was transformed as an annex to the Medical University.

It is now in utter ruin. However, this building used to serve as the Shoemaker Guild’s synagogue, where workers would pray during Shacharit and Minchan. In essence this was a working man’s shul as it was used by the guild on their break.

Iasi was once a great city of Hebrew and Jewish culture before the Second World War. Now it is not much, but the Jewish Community is surviving.

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This building had been abandoned for a very long time. It is a very sad situation.


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