One-State Solution?

It is always very difficult to talk about Israel because of the sensitivity of the subject, but I feel there are some things that cannot go unmentioned. Before that I want to stress that I have an unyielding belief that Israel has the right to exist- it has not come into being because of aggressive colonialism.

I think that a one state solution is the only viable answer to some mediated and balanced peace in the region. In other words I believe that one Israel can exists where the Gaza Strip and West Bank are integrated into greater Israel society. Regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity I believe that a multicultural society can easily exist.

Israel has always been a country were Jews, Muslims and Christians existed in peace. Why then has Islam fought and continues to fight against the integration of one varied society? I do not understand why they cannot accept it. Israel has always existed, 1948 was only a date. With this in mind I do not think Ultra-Orthodox Judaism is any better. They are just an accepting of an equal society.

Israel is the only democratic nation in the middle east. They are the only really developed nation among many in that particular region. Ironically, Iran is just as developed although the anti-Semitic government wants to destroy Israel. ( Iran’s Jewish population is second highest in the middle east, with Israel being in first place of course).

The point is that a one-state solution needs understanding and more importantly the need to break down racism, hegemony and old conceptions that have existed forever. I believe in one Israel, with many religions. In the end it is the children on both sides that suffer, regardless of race or religion.


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