Merarilor Synagogue

Merarilor Synagogue of Iasi, Romania was built in 1865 in the Jewish neighborhood/quarter of the city. The synagogue functioned along with the hundreds of synagogues in Iasi as a site used for prayer services by the various Ashkenazi Jews of Jassy.

Currently the Synagogue is not in function and has become a Historical Site of Romania in 2004. Interestingly, it has been functional for a while but shut down again according to its neighbors- the Jewish Community Center of Jassy. It was once a very beautiful building but it is now almost destroyed by years of lack of care and funds. It almost resembles the Jassy community which is in shambles- there are not many Jews left in Jassy. Which is sad, as Jassy was once a rich and beautiful city of Jewish-Yiddish culture, which harbored the first Yiddish theater set up by Abraham Goldfaden.

Here are the pictures I took:

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