Marcel Janco

Marcel Janco was a brilliant Romanian-Israeli artist whose particular focus was on Dadaism, Futurism and Modern Expressionism. His work propelled him to great heights and fame as an artist. Both Romanians and Israelis are proud of him for his international fame.

Yet, despite Janco’ amazing artwork he was also extremely interested in promoting constructivism, keeping on with the trend of modernist cultural dynamic, especially during the early 20th century.

Marcel Janco was an individualist, he did not care about anyone or anything to be quite honest. He only cared about his art and the way he made it. He never liked labels which made him that much more appealing to young artists. He was a Dadaist, Expressionist, and Impressionist. Janco was and is the quintessential artist. Although he was Israeli at heart he belonged to the Jewish Romanian community who still pride themselves on his amazing work. It would be most fair to say that he belongs to both the Israeli and Romanian school of art.

We have compiled a list of his best work, in our opinion. You cannot deny his genius and talent. Or I guess you can, we do not have control over something like that. Nevertheless here you go:

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Read More About Marcel Janco:

Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons


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