Alex Leon

Alex Leon was brilliant Jewish-Romanian artist known for his unique exhibition of militant expressionism. His bold and contrasting use of concept and art has shown the dreaded horror of Nazi terror and subjugation of Romanian Jewry.

Leon, originally form Oradea devoted his life to art from an young age, from where he became famous form within the Romanian Jewish community especially in Timisoara and Brasov were most of his exhibitions gained momentum.

After his period of relative success in Romania he went to Paris to attend a special art academy. However when he returned in Romania in 1939, the tides turned profusely, and like most of Europe Jewish Art was boycotted. Leon was taken to a forced labor camp on the eastern front in Romania under the Antonescu Regime( a puppet to Hitler and the Nazi state) where he struggled to survive for 3 years. However, in 1943 he contracted typhus and tragically died.

Leon was one of the many great Romanian -Jewish artists who was lost in the Shoah. Interestingly in much of his art you can see the way he depicted the horror Jews experienced under the Nazi reign over Europe.

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