Why I Hate Over-Intellectualism.

There is a distinct difference between good complexity and bad complexity. To be quite honest, the best type of complexity conveyed is done through simple speech and thought. The hardest thing to do is to try to explain complex ideas in very simple language.

That is why I hate it when in most historiography, or any field of study, there is an overuse of complex superfluous(<–I just did it) language that really makes thing too difficult. I really doubt that using a thesaurus too much will make others believe that your are extremely intelligent, or that your argument is made that much more valid and credible.

In the end a good essay or book does not use language that conveys an idea, but rather the idea itself. The narrative, analysis, or whatever needs to be clear and interesting.

I am so tired of reading things that normally would take 10 minutes to finish, but because of the crazy words and over-descriptive language it can take up to 30-40 minutes.  Not only is it confusing sometimes, but it is really tiring when you are an avid reader.On the other hand, I like reading difficult language but usually when I do not care about the idea. Just for the sake of reading I guess.

I think I am going to write simpler and nicer, even if my ideas are really complex. It might seem that tit is not achievable, but just try it. I do not think It would be that difficult. It is all a matter of discipline, and more importantly a matter of putting ones vanity on the side.- Also arrogance.

The truth is that intellectualism does not mean complex language, but complex ideas.


5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Over-Intellectualism.

  1. Can I just say that of a relief to get someone who in fact knows just what theyre discussing on the internet. You actually know how to bring an issue for you to light to make it critical. More people should read this along with understand this side of the history. I cant believe you aren’t more popular simply because you definitely have the gift.


  2. I was taught that diction/word choice makes the hugest difference. I think in this era of immediacy granted by the internet powered information accesibility, people are now accustomed to things being “easy” and do not have the patience anymore for embellishments or esoteric jargon. Just the facts ma’am. My English teacher frowned on using linking verbs at all and instructed me to strive harder and be more creative in my expression through the full use of the language. This return to realism is emblematic of the decline of intellectualism overall. What is facile and pertinent must be easily available, like a computer readily uses random access……. That is the new value system for lazy minds. There is elegance in simplicity sometimes, which sometimes seems pithy and quaint, but I would prefer not to abandon the art in composition altogether. Communicating meaning remains the main objective, but does it have to read like a webpage for people of this era to be involved? I think that is tragic.


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