More Jewish-Persian Art

Jewish-Persian art is one of the most beautiful type of Jewish art-work particularly because of the synthesis of Judaica and Persian beauty and luxury. The Jews of Iran have had a long history of 2500 years of existence, and they are still there.

feature_2225_story judaica04 images (2) MosesPharaoh 10137219_1_l 6a00d8354c7ae669e200e54f537b3f8833-800wi 04. Miao, Kitty Yin Ling - Persian Jewish Couple, 1900 images (1) miniature-dragon_500 220px-Nizami_hebrew l 6a00e5522b789f88330120a6a756c8970b-800wi tumblr_map49wqA161r6mtxeo2_500 tumblr_map49wqA161r6mtxeo1_500 10137140_2_l

a jewish iranian woman from Esfahan


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