Jewish Theater in Bucharest

The State Jewish Theater of Bucharest is the only one remaining in the capital. It is still functioning and it houses numerous Jewish and non-Jewish shows and plays. Interestingly, the theater is visited by many Jews and gentiles.


The theater dates back to early 19th century set up by the Bucharest Yiddish community and supported by the  by the father of modern Jewish theater, Avram Goldfaden of Iasi. The theater was subject to destruction by the antisemitic forces of the Romanian Iron Guard, basically Nazis. Yet it was rebuilt after the Second World War and has been functioning since.

The theater is still being upheld by the community and it is perhaps one of the most interesting cultural sites in Bucharest. It is located in the middle of the Jewish neighborhood of Bucharest, only a block away from the Great Temple of Bucharest.


It is a definitely great place to visit if you are going to Bucharest.


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