Why Women Need Full Equality.

Iknow that the title seems like a big ball-buster, man-hating, catch-phrase, but really women need full equality and here is why:

Every society which is even worth being called a ‘society’ in essence grants women more freedom on average than normal. Although women i the West do not enjoy full equality to men, they still have more freedom than women in the East. My point is however, that a major factor why a society is generally more advanced, I dare say, more civilized is because women are granted more freedom

When women are free in a society to chose their own ways, their own work, than that society by nature will benefit economically and socially as the subjugation of women is in essence abolished. This is why many feminists argue that the equalization of he sexes will benefit both sexes. So if women have the same opportunities than men will benefit in entirety.

However, I do not want to sound like an extremist. I think that to impose such an equality by brute force like many people are trying to do is quite pernicious and harmful. Such a change can only be achieved through proper social-political education of the masses.

Short Rant Over.



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