Turpel-Lafond’s Patriarchy and Paternalism

Turpel-Lafond sets forth an interesting argument that First nations women are among the most oppressed minorities by the Canadian state both as a product of race and sex. Both factors played in essence defining roles in the subjugation of these women.

The destruction of their cultural roles form matrimonial societies and cultures in the First nation tribes led to their dissociation from power and to their current place of subjugation  Turpel’Lafond makes it clear that First Nations women were put there by systemic force and not chance.

They are thus among the poorest and neglected group, not only by the Canadian state but also its people. First Nations women have the least economic and social opportunity as a result of their race and sex.

The most important argument in Turpel-Lafond’s piece is that the Canadian state instigated the forceful implementation of patriarchy and paternalism by first destroying Aboriginal culture and Westernizing them in entirety, thus converting them to the old Western world norms.

So What?

The  importance of this article essentially lie sin the fact that race, culture and sex are predominantly and forcefully interconnect in a web which is mutually reinforcing. In other words the precision of race or sex are not singular phenomenons but most of the time they occur together.

It is for this reason why white women in the world have more privileged than black or First Nations women. However they are both dominated by white elite men.



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