Jews Of Iran

There are approximately 9000 Jews living in Iran as recorded by an official urban census. Yet, the actual Jewish Community of Iran says that the census did not take into account all the other rural areas where many Jews live spread out throughout the Country. Therefore, their estimates are somewhere between 20,000 to 25,000.

Interestingly the community is the second largest( Israel is first) in the middle east. The diaspora is one of the oldest in the world whose roots are from Cyrus liberation of the Jewish people from Babylon 2600 years ago.

The Jews of Iran have mostly lived in peace with the population, particularly barbecue the acceptance of other religions have been relatively tolerated throughout Iran’s history. Even today the community is fine, although the current regime is threatening Israel

Despite the god-awful regime in Iran today, the Jewish community is largely left alone by the totalitarian regime as the 9000 Jews are left alone in peace, to practice their faith freely. If this seems to be the case, why does the current Islamic regime insist so much on the destruction of Israel? Where is the hatred of Jews coming from, when in fact there 250,000 Persian Jews living in Israel?

To be honest I do not know.

So What?

I am willing to bet that the Jews living in Iran are one of the oldest and most original tribes of Judea precisely because of their isolation since the diaspora both from Israel and Babylon.

One thing that gets me is when the last leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran proclaimed he would wipe Israel “off the map”, Did the Jewish Community of Iran not respond in any way?

Anyways the point is that this is really cool. I think there is a great diversity in the Jewish faith, and perhaps it is not necessarily an ethno-religious group but much more complex than that.


You can tell there is a beautiful synthesis between Jewish and Persian culture and art specially from the first two photos.

Mullah Jacub's Synagogue, Isfahan, Iran. This ...
Mullah Jacub’s Synagogue, Isfahan, Iran. This synagogue was built about 600 years ago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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