Arthur Segal

Arthur Segal was another amazing Jewish Romanian artist, native of Iasi. His work is best described as a cross of impressionism and neo-impressionism. Particularly because of the rather fastidious use of brushwork and odd use of colors.

Segal was almost internationally renowned for his work, as he studied across Europe in France, Italy and Germany. His work is still known and remembered both by Jews and non-Jews today. His paintings are still exhibited across various museums around Europe, especially because of his interesting combination of new-impressionism and modernism.

One thing I truly like about Segal is his ability to always change and innovate his work. It is almost never the same. Sometimes the differences are huge, and sometimes small but all in all it never gets boring. Just look at the gallery we have allocated below. This artist was without a doubt a genius

(c) John A. Segal; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Photo Source:Wikmedia Commons

If you want to see more pictures(PHOTO SOURCE) Click Here


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