Max Hermann Maxy

Max Hermann Maxy was one hell of an avant-garde artist. He was born into the small Jewish-Romanian community of Braila in 1895. Like many aspired and talented young men he took up art at the Bucharest School of arts until the outbreak of WW1.

Hermann was psychologically and physically afflicted during his service on the front which showed a great deal on much of his art work I mean look at it, it is quite bizarre in an art-deco, avant-garde, Dadaist/Surrealist kind of way. But I don’t like labels. So let’s not use them

Hermann’s art is a synthesis of emotions and physical despair. The lack emotionless individuality coupled with the exhibition of emotions frog shapes and forms makes his art quite weird and bizarre. There is something really odd about his brushwork as well.

He continued his art through the 20’s well into the 30’s until it was halted temporary  by the Second World War, he managed to survive by teaching at a Jewish Art School which was left alone by Antonescu’s Nazi-puppet fascist regime.

Max continued to work under the Communist Regime as Art’s director of art museum in Bucharest, interestingly he never left Romania for the West or Israel. He continued to create art until he died in 1971.

Much of his work is avant-garde but there is definitely some inspiration from the cubist school of art and I dare say some of the late seed of expressionism decades earlier. His work should be remembered particularly because very few Jewish-Romanian artists experiment so prolifically with constructionism and the bizarre avant-garde.

Most of Maxy Max Hermann’s work is exhibited in Romania’s National Museum of Art.


Further Reading: YIVO Article of Max Hermann Maxy

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Published in The Art of Polemics, Issue 1, on June 18th, 2014.


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