Is Writing Pretentious?

It seems to me that most people write too pretentiously. If it’s university papers, articles, blogs, columns or even ingredient lists on cereal boxes, the language is just.. too dense. Is it just me? It can’t be.

I mean most of the writing I come across uses superfluous language( I just did it), and words that are either too long and seem to never get a point across. If that isn’t the case, people’s ideas seem to have no humility.

Sadly, people’s attention spans are no longer as wide as they use to be with the advent of technology and surges of information that is constantly bombarding us.

What are we trying to do? Are we trying to write scientific research papers with intellectual academic language? Would it not be better to simply get our point across?

When I first started writing seriously most of my papers and short pieces were packed with long words and sentences that really could be said in simple language.My grades were not that great. But once I started to analyze in a simple manner and get as many points across my grades were

The point is that it is always important to write clearly. But don’t write at a kindergarten level.

People like to read lightly and they like proper narratives. It is important to get straight to the point and never become redundant! Yet, I digress.

I mean look at what I just wrote. Isn’t it pretentious?

Well, I guess there is no such thing as “un-pretentious” writing. How can one possibly convey ideas and knowledge without sounding like he/her is a smart ass?

I guess you can’t. Even in conversation it is difficult to say things without offending people and without actually making them feel uncomfortable. Why would writing be any different, if they are both mediums to get things across.

I think writing should be more about saying things, than trying to appear intelligent or smart. A person’s intelligence can be found in their ideas, not in their style of expressing those ideas.


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