Is Faith Important?-Not Just Religion

Whether its faith in oneself, in a deity, in some person, in a political body, ideology or even a table, the important question is: Does it matter? Do we need it? Is it useful?

If I could possibly answer these questions I would certainly not do it in this form, but I would have to be that floating baby in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Whatever the case may be, I can be sure of one thing. Too much blind faith, and too little faith in something can definitely lead to, simply put, bad things. What the hell do I mean?

If one puts too much faith into something it can lead to extremes and radical ideas. There are so many examples of this in history al the way to this very minute, that it would be superfluous to even mention a few. You know them very well. Extreme faith in anything( not just religion) can lead to disaster.I lied. I am going to give you some quick examples: The NSDAP, Stalinism(False Communism), most religious radicalism  All of these instances have show what extreme idealization of something can lead to. Right?

Yet if If one does not have faith in oneself, he/she might not end up doing very well in the real world, and generally in life. Not believing is something, or a person, or anything might, in the end, be very bad for oneself.Why?

Well it is without a doubt that everyone needs to have motivation and confidence, which can only be sourced from believing in one’s self, a cause or something

I mean you  believe in something. And even if you are an atheist , have no political ideas or whatever, I am sure you have faith in living and your life, right?

Again we have reached a perfect example of why moderation is important. A running theme on this magazine is that the best pathway is the middle one. You cannot put your faith in something 100%, and you cant reject something in entirety either.

My argument is against determinism. People are inclined to be certain about everything, and that is where the extremes of faith in something lie. Here are some examples:

John is determined he is the best person ever. Is he? No , so really he is a big jerk.

Mark has no faith in himself whatsoever, so he can never really achieve his potential.Right?

The best would be to have a middle between these two people Try to be confident, not arrogant, and try to have some humility, but never put yourself down.

This applies to everything in life. To ideology, politics, religion. If religion,politics, history, whatever gets you motivated. That is great. But do not take it to the extreme.

Faith is important, but if you have too much or too little of it you might as well have none at all. Taking things to both extremes is never good. Also try to keep faith to yourself, do not try and spread it around in hope that people will immediately adhere to your beliefs.

Moderation, even in moderation.


3 thoughts on “Is Faith Important?-Not Just Religion

  1. I think the ability to have faith is extremely important. I don’t believe it should be blindly following some “persons” ideology like robots. I think it should be a private belief you have within yourself, body, soul and mind. If there is mind control it is not faith.


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