Max Wilhelm Meyer’s The Making Of The World

The Making of The World is a concise book about astronomy and even the philosophy behind the making of the world. Being published in 1906, it is interesting to see how German astronomers saw the world around them as the product of the astronomical process.

The Making of The World
The Making of The World

Wait, what does this have to do with history? Seems like science, doesn’t it?

Well don’t worry we will not be doing any math today. The point of this book is to understand the way science was duly correlated with the humanities- something which I assure you is definitely not new. In fact this has been happening long before Meyer.

Meyer starts his book of with the quote “Spring will surely come again” and than continues to suggest that every human heart longs for the end of winter and the begging of spring. What? Is this astronomy?

This seems to be the theme of the book itself, it is both astronomy and philosophy. The combination of two medium to provide descriptions of why and how humans understand the world around them in regards to astronomy.This short work is only 130 pages of pure delight. Although I warn you the translation from German is rather dubious, particularly because it was done by another non-fluent in English speaking German!

Meyer was a German-Jewish Astronomer, and a brilliant man of his time. His hobby was basically studying stars and philosophizing about them.

I think he should serve as a remained that science shouldn’t be simple analysis and data, but should included a tinge of ethics and philosophy to understand the entomological process of human discovery to a greater extent! I truly suggest you find this book somewhere, even though it is very rare. I found this at some shady thrift store for one dollar. It was worth the buy!



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