The Possibility of Gender Equality(The Real Power Of Women)

Women of the Red Army
Women of the Red Army

Is Gender Equality Possible? Yes it is. Just ask the women who served in the Soviet Army against the tyranny of the Nazi invasion! When it came down to it really the men, women and children of the Soviet Union became interlocked in a war of survival!

So while your grandmother was at home building bombers, or nursing soldiers behind the front, Vasily’s grandmother was fighting a war, hand in hand, alongside other women and men in Stalingrad.

Talk about gender equality! The interesting thing is that this equality came about naturally out of necessity- out of the need to survive against the Wehrmacht. It wasn’t imposed by political or social conditions, or political movements such as feminism!

What? Yes, there were no women who were whining about rights and equality. When it came down to it, the defense of the motherland and the Russian people, united genders, races and ethnicity into the most mixed army in the world- The Red Army!

Gender Equality cannot be constructed artificially  It must not be imposed! It must be dealt with as a natural evolution, a process of condition!

The women of the Red Army did not think of their posts as some form of symbols of feminine power, and odd feminist agenda! No! They were concerned for the welfare of their people, and the welfare of the motherland.

The point is that women and men have exactly the same purpose on this earth, and that is simply to further the existence of their children, and the future of the human race.

Women can be both mothers and soldiers. Men can be both fathers and soldiers. And to undermine the role of either one would lead to a lack of understanding of the complexities of human nature.

Am I promoting Marxism and Feminism, and possibly suggesting that classes and economies have a lot to do with the subjugation of both men and women? Well, although I agree with that point, the main purpose here is to understand that women and men are naturally equal, but different.

So? Yes, we are both different. But we are more equal in our purpose for survival!

Finally, the point is that the world is naturally inclined to the equality of men and women. And to blame inequality solely on individuals is wrong, when in fact it plays a wider role in the cultural hegemony of the world!

Before the start of WW2, Adolf Hitler was an advocate of keeping women inside the home, and of barring them solely to their maternal roles.

In fact in the video below, he gives a speech on how he will never allow women in the army, or in the Reichstag because their only useful purpose is to produce babies.

On the other hand, women of the Soviet Union were having babies and were fighting a war. In 1942 the might of the Soviet Army overturned the Nazi invasion in the greatest counter-offensive known in military history!

Who lost the war? Perhaps if Hitler was willing to implement female regiments to back up his defences of Poland maybe the war would have lasted a bit longer. Anyway let us not dwell too much in “what ifs”?

Ironically, in the last days before Berlin fell in 1945 German women also joined the last regiments to defend against the advanced of the Soviet Army.

Do you honestly think that these women fought to show off their feminine might, or was it to preserve their nation, their people and their children.


While Western feminists were marching for equality and protesting continuously in the safe streets of North America. Women of the East already( to an extent) enjoyed equality out of necessity.

Even today, while women in the West are whining over equal rights! Their Muslim sisters are being raped and murdered across the world! Western Women have had it easy compared to other women around the world. Trust me on this. Can you imagine being born a women in a Middle Eastern Country? or even Africa! No, you can’t. So go get a starbucks and enjoy the freedom you enjoy so well.

Trust me the ‘Fight For Freedom’ isn’t whining about men gazing at you, it was about how Natasha got a a rifle in one hand , and three bullets in the other, to defend her home and people against real totalitarianism, real problems.

Women are equal to men in every way. The women of the Glorious Red Army have proven this to humanity.


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