The Problem With Feminism

Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecra...
Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecraft is often hailed as the founder of liberal feminism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The problem with Feminism is that in many cases, not all, it is either fully disregarded or becomes too extreme. These black and white shades have become one of the reasons why women still continue to face problems around the world today. For example:

In some countries around the world feminism is barely part of any rhetoric, and many of these women suffer at the hands of patriarchy.

Yet, in some countries radical feminism has unleashed a backlash against many women, who are no longer taken seriously in their goals for continued female liberation.

Thus, it is either too radical or non-existent. It is very rarely moderated. I know what you are thinking, mainstream Feminism still exists and they are moderated! While yes I agree with you, they are moderated. But who are these women and men? They are usually the individuals who identify themselves as feminists but do little to participate in the the rights of women and men as equals.

In my last post, in my rash and bold judgement, I made a quick comment on how most feminists are uneducated. I want to apologize. What I meant to say is that most Feminists are “un-educated” in the area of feminism which leads to this extremism. They know nothing of the works of Perkins Gillman, Wollstonecraft, Jacobs… the list goes on!

The work of many women to liberate women from the strife of their slavery has gone unnoticed  while the hatred of men has become the norm. Why you ask?

Lack of education, not only in the ideals of feminism but those of around the world. Many feminists take the idea of patriarchy and minimize it to fit their agendas, when in fact it is so much more complex than a mere system of domination.

Before you try and make radical claims, or even refute feminism at least engage with some of the material that has come out in the first, second waves and even today. One must educate himself/herself in a ploy to promote some pragmatism.

You have to understand feminism before professing to say that all men are the reason the world is so violent and full of war! And before you completely refute the struggle of your sisters around the world, you should read at least a gist of Gilman and understand that women are the equals of men, and to deny that is why society will continue to be wholly unbalanced.

The moment women and men understand their equal positions in this world, the better our society will be. But first read some feminist discourse before you call all men rapists or refute the ideas of female liberation! Extremism is not acceptable, both ways.

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