Do I Need A Formal Education?

Well Do You?

Most of my education came from my constant trips to my university library, Google books, and talking to professors about random stuff in their office.

Honestly, I have learned very little in the classroom, except how to be a good and obedient employee. Think about it!

All those assignments and exams can easily be substituted with simple work at a firm which needs to be submitted on time. The hierarchy in the classes, and teacher’s favorites. It all seems like the reason one goes to university is so he/she can enter a culture of compliance.

However, do not lose all hope. You can still expand your knowledge and intelligence by trying to fit in a bit of self-directed study admits all the course work. Is it possible? It is if you have the determination.

So let’s go back to the question. Does one need a formal education? The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because unfortunately a formal education of the only means by which an individual can earn financial success in the modern world an thus live an independent life.

No, if you do not care about what I just said up top and are already financially secure, I assure you that you can get a very good education by opening as many books as you can lay your hands on, and by engaging with other independent scholars.

Or, you could do it my way and try to do it both things at the same time. It is particularly hard, especially when you are trying to fit it all of it in your hectic schedule. But it is worth it.

With this in mind, I am not really educated, nor am I anymore intelligent than the average individual. It is just that I have a bit of determination!

Locke’s Argument

Locke argued quite prolifically in his famous treatise “Some Thoughts Concerning Education” that both boys and girls were best suited to individual study at home, in order to bring out the best virtues as bestowed by mind and body.

Wait up! I am not advocating homeschooling at all. What  I am saying is that Locke believed, as I do, that the best kind of education can come from oneself directed study and determination. If you really are interested in a subject you should study it!

Moreover, Locke brilliantly suggested in the 17th century before many others that women should be provided the same education as men as there were no real differences! Brilliant!

Yeah, So?

Today, education has become so standardized that it has been undeniably been subjected to a lowering in values and virtues. What I means is that our education is so generalized and so common that it has become meaningless almost. I mean I can’t count how many people I know with 2 Bachelor Degrees? Right?

It is for this reason that the best education is one that is outside of the classroom. While the best future for an individual can only be found inside the classroom.

But even so, it is determination that leads to success, and education( formal or individual) are just mediums to achieve it. I mean, look at Bill Gates, Jobbs, Carnegie! They never finished formal education. It was their harsh determination and resilience that made them millions.

Start by reading at least 2-3 books a week!



2 thoughts on “Do I Need A Formal Education?

  1. I really like the argument you’ve presented. I think studying English at university myself it’s really hard to achieve that fine balance of what you want to learn and what you need to learn/ what is taught in lectures. Also, sometimes being a student when lecturers tell you to look into books that might interest you you feel overwhelmed and don’t appreciate that they are trying to encourage to learn something yourself because you already have a backlog of books to read off the compulsory reading list!

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